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The mission and purpose of the Professional Development Center is to enhance development through innovative education and support.

The Professional Development Center  takes an educational approach to development focusing on individual, organizational, regional and international levels.  It combines innovative multi-tiered formal and non-formal education venues for greater learning efficiency.

PDC utilizes existing ideas and opportunities to create intrinsically motivated learning venues simultaneously meeting personal, social, or professional needs.

Although seated in Central Europe, PDC projects exist worldwide. 


The Professional Development Center (PDC) bases all of its operations on the following principles:

  • Education breeds success

  • Education is change more than retention

  • Learning environments are experiences

  • Everything is experience; therefore everything is a potential learning opportunity

  • Organizational success is a combination of talent and structure

  • In education, the process is the product.  Therefore use product goals as ways to develop

  • Change in a vacuum is not long sustaining change in reality, but rather a vision.  Therefore an effort needs to also be placed on the environment in which change takes place for long term sustainable change.

  • Time is money, therefore anything less than efficient educational models is irresponsible for professional development

  • Education is dynamic and personal. Therefore experiences can create various learning experiences for different people according to needs and pervious experience.

  • Many different entities can be influenced by the same event

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